Mago No-Ama


Although Saltmarch is home to many thousands of beings, Mago is known by nearly the entire town; at least the population that frequents the taverns and various establishments in the red-light district.

Standing an impressive 5’ tall, his ponderous ale-gut thrust forward, clay jug of saki always on his hip, Mago cuts a distinctive profile. His wispy grey fu-manchu frames his nearly always smiling, well-weathered and creased face. He always finds his way into the best parties whether invited or not, and although his mischievous demeanor does not always endear him to the stuffed shirts of the elite, he is well-liked.

Every late afternoon he stumbles in hung-over to Celanil Pirkitta’s college to teach magical theory; desite his antics he is considered an expert on the subject. His few apprentices learn how to blend different disciplines of arcane magic together into a seamless whole. They tend to have backgrounds in multiple forms of arcane discipline, as well as an ability to hold their booze.

Mago No-Ama

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