Mayor Thorgrimsdottir of Saltmarch


Mayor Astrid Thorgrimsdottir has served Saltmarch as her mayor for almost a century. Although her long braids have gone white with advanced age and she is no longer the firebrand she was as a young lady, she still has her share of spirit. She strikes a contrast to the fops and dandies that make up the elder council of Saltmarch; she appears in pbulic in the same leather aprons and durable, singed clothing she wore while training her apprentices in the Smithing guild (although public officials are required to sever ties with any of the merchant guilds upon election, Astrid’s duties merely consist of training apprentices and does not participate nor pay dues to the guild at large).

Although many of the old noble families of Saltmarch object to “new money” serving as mayor, her popularity with the working folk makes her a popular mayor, and her grandmotherly, fussy demeanor hides a shrewd negotiator and skilled diplomat.

It is no secret that she dislikes Archmage Pirkitta in a very open and abrasive fashion, but she tolerates the “soft, knife-eared git” as long as her school brings prestige and wealth into the city.


Mayor Thorgrimsdottir of Saltmarch

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