Ol' Scarsnout


They say Ol’ Scarsnout is the eldest crocodile in the swamp. Definitely none are as wiley and cunning as he.

Every year, the people of Saltmarch enact an old ritual passed down from the Druid of the Cleansing Fire that first dwelled in the Hool marshes. Called the Culling, this ritual is to cut down on the massive number of crocodiles in the area. During on full day, anyone bringing back a crocodile hide gets a bounty, plus there is much merrymaking and other frivolity.

However, no one has caught him. He’s unmistakable; he’s a massive croc of purest white. He has battle scars all over his body, but the most striking is one that cuts through the right side of his jaw and runs over to his left eye. Few people have seen him, but those that have reported a ponderous gait as if weighed down by many years (some say centuries), but his one eye burns with a hate and cunning that no mere beast should possess.

An old druidic legend states that wearing the hide of scarsnout will grant shapechanging abilities. However, it remains to be seen.

Ol' Scarsnout

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