Pirkitta Celanil

Sage and respected resident of Saltmarch


Pirkitta Celanil is the oldest resident of Saltmarch, and the town’s only elven resident. Although she has shied away from political affairs, her advice has been sought after by the mayor of Saltmarch for 35 years [Note: 1 Geanlaecan year = 20 earth years]. Despite being old enough to remember both the rise and the fall of the Draconis Empire that dominated the southern continents, she appears as a very young woman, with sparking violet eyes and straight, intricately braided hair that nearly brushes the ground behind her.

Refusing to take part of the elven exodus back to the cities of old (“There is nothing worthwhile in returning to the decaying husks of our forefathers; and there is nothing to gain by letting life pass us by”, she remarked when asked to explain her grave insult to the Elven High King), she instead has inhabited the abandoned temple of Io in the town center and has converted it to a college dedicated to the education of the youth of Saltmarch (the fabled College of the Arcane Order being dismantled centuries before). None with the talent to learn are turned away regardless of race or ability to pay, only talent matters to Pirkitta.

The result of this has lead to a boom in the economy of this old port city. Many aspirants of all stripes and walks of life vie for a spot in her college, and the chance to claim the prestige of being Pirkitta’s apprentice. Although many of her apprentices fail to complete their course (three quarters scrub out, and a rare number of them end by “death by misadventure”), the ones that make it go on to be renowned sages, spellcasters, generals, and diplomats. Although Pirkitta takes the rare deaths of her personal apprentices very hard, she nonetheless continues to engage in the best and brightest and test them to their limits. “Teaching is what keeps me young!”, she says; no one denies that despite being in town for generations by even the more long-lived races’ perception, she has yet to age one day since arriving in town after her third season of life [1 season = 10 earth years]

Pirkitta Celanil

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