The Catgut Killer


A great terror stalks the night in Saltmarch. During the long nights, he stalks his victims, mostly young adults and children. He binds them with rope twisted from the tendons of slain pets, silences them, then goes about his bloody way. No one has seen the killer, who has yet to remain out of sight of the common guard but has yet to attack someone high enough on the social ladder to warrant any actual investigation involving heroes.

Although he has yet to be found (if it can be called a “he” at all), the killer takes seemingly perverse pleasure from displaying his victims where the family can see his ghastly handiwork. One of the more famous killings involved a young woman stumbling into her parent’s room, her slit throat gurgling as she fell down and died in front of her parents.

If the killer gets too bold, someone will definitely take notice.


The Catgut Killer

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