The Ollamh of the Hool Marsh


Many tales are told about the hool marshes. It was once a great Jotun city, but whatever calamity befell the ancients destroyed the city save for isolated ruins. Many wondrous beasts and unexplained magical effects abound, but one of the recurring characters is a being known as the Ollamh of the Marsh.

Tales say he’s a trickster, a canny sage of the natural world, a talespinner, and many more. It is said that he knows the way to any place the hool touches. He has tales of the sharkmen that cavort and caper in blasphemous homage to beings left from the age of monsters, of great epic chants written by the titans themselves, of the time of the Eldar. Many hear his haunting, wordless yet mesmerizing song echoing across the marshes, mournful and resonating almost at the lower edge of human hearing.

Many people have met this being, although few know as he is also rumored to be a shapeshifter as well. All agree that if meeting any strange animal or person in the marshes it is wise to be polite, as angering the ollamh is a good way to end your life somewhere in the marshes.

The Ollamh of the Hool Marsh

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