The Iron Orb of Korn the Minotaur

weapon (melee)

Back in 3742 CE, the Draconis Empire was expanding. The South and the East were held by the followers of Tiamat, goddess of Conquest, and her minions were attempting to take over the North. Several heroes united to stop them, as heroes tend to do. One of them was the legendary paragon of might, the dreaded Korn the Minotaur.

Disdaining the axe or horn that other minotaurs used in combat, Korn simply had an orb of iron. This orb could shrink small enough to carry in a small belt pouch, but when needed could enlarge to the size of a small house. Despite its massive weight, Korn could throw it with pin-point accuracy. As the bards tell it, Korn could knock the nose off a gnome that was standing on the far end of the horizon without even knocking the gnome down. Korn’s giant iron ball was invaluable to defeat the last Dragon Highlord, thus finally ending the expansion of the Draconis empire.

Korn went on to have many adventures, but the day he slew the Dragon Highlord his iron ball touched a bit of the divine, and it was passed from adventurer to adventurer for a thousand years, at which point it simply disappeared. No one has seen it for years, but knowing the reputation of the artifact it could be anywhere, from a deep aboleth city to a grand city somewhere in the stars.

The Iron Orb of Korn the Minotaur

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